A blank page.

A blank page. That’s what I see. In some ways that’s how I feel. Perfectly imperfect. The overused “New Year…New You” statement keeps coming to mind. Sometimes I feel like I’m always being renewed. Re-made. Re-worked. I’ve had it on my heart and mind to create a blog where I can just write. I seem to have passions for many areas that I never feel quite up to par in. There is writing…I’ll try to work that out here. There is photography and I followed that hair-brained dream turned reality into a business this past year. Feel free to follow that journey here (under construction for a new site coming in April…yes, the “new” theme is rampant in my life right now.) I have a passion for singing…and God definitely did not bless with me with pipes to bless others…but I believe He enjoys my shower sonnets and my kids and I enjoy some loud moments of praise with hands lifted in my truck!

I came home from church this morning with a strong desire to finally get this blog going. Enough thinking. Time to do. Today’s sermon got me thinking. A lot. The question posed was from Matthew 27:22. As Jesus was standing drenched in his own blood from scourging, wearing a crown of thorns on his by then swollen and unrecognizable form, awaiting his “fate” from the people He came to serve and save, the man in charge of his release or death asked the crowd, “What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?” You know the rest of the story. His people chose his death.  It was his fate.  It became our hope.

The question raised then, beckons still now. In my life. In your life. We choose daily to deny or follow Christ. A choice to be indifferent is still a choice. I want to choose Him. I want to be a “better” daughter to my Savior. I want to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend…the list goes on. I want to. I really do. But above all, I want to choose daily to do something with my Christ. I want to love Him more. Better. I want to serve Him more. Better. I hope by hashing my thoughts out here I can start the journey to answering this question daily. And to always and forever answer the question of what I am doing with my Christ…for His glory. Always for His glory. Only for His glory.

Will I fail? Yes. I’m perfectly imperfect, remember? But He’s not done with me yet. Praise the Lord, He’s not done with me yet.

10 thoughts on “A blank page.

  1. Wow, here you go again using those God given talents. You really know how to tap into them. Enjoy your words and your pictures that you share with others. Love you. Aunt Ann

  2. My niece amazes more all the time. God has gifted you in so many ways and I am so happy to see you live for Him. Love you lots.

  3. Enjoyed your blog! I can see that God has big plans for you and I am thankful He has brought you to Blessed Hooe! I look forward to reading your next blog 🙂

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