Words. Something we ALL have in common.We all use them. We’ve all been blessed by them. We’ve all been torn down by them. We know they are powerful. But do we KNOW how powerful they are? How powerful they can be?

The biggest reason I started this blog was because at any given moment, I feel like I have a million words floating around my head that need a place to rest. To come alive. To be shared. And maybe sometimes not be shared. Writing is my therapy. It allows me to say what I can’t easily say. And I have complete control. Another fault of mine. I need to be in control. Note that…I’m a recovering control freak. Through writing, I can purposefully put my words together and hopefully in some cohesiveness that makes sense. At least to me, maybe not to you. If not to you, I apologize. I can only write what makes sense to me and hope it resonates with someone else who may be in the same place as me…or has been there…or is heading there.

In beginning this blogging journey, I also want to be more purposeful with the words that do come out of my mouth. I have a sign hanging above my closet door, so I will see it every morning as I get ready to head into the world…or at least into my own little world. It says, “Lord help my words to be tender today, for tomorrow I may have to eat them.” And yes, I’ve eaten plenty of words in my lifetime.  More than I care to count or remember.

Jesus had something to say about words, too. In fact, here is an exhaustive list of 38 verses about words from God’s Word.

In fact, another name given for Jesus is The Word.

John 1:1
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (Emphasis my own.)

Wow, there’s something to mull over. Jesus is considered the Word and He was with God in the beginning and in fact, He was God. I really have no words to help that make sense. It just is what it is and I believe it is because God said so.

In any case, words ARE important. We use them by the millions. Some of us daily by the millions. (Ahem…)

And perhaps, some of the most important words we choose to use are the ones we don’t say.

There can be as much or more power in the unspoken and unwritten words as those that we see and hear. This is another area in my life I’m learning to harness. The ability to just. shut. up.

Words matter. They count. I want mine to count for more than just a lot of hot air. I want my words to lift up, not tear down. I want my words to bring glory to my Father. I want my words to breathe life, not suck it out. Lofty goals for a “wordy” girl. Or hopefully, a reforming “wordy” girl.

I feel like this post is a bit wordy. Hopefully someone will get something from it. If not, at least I got it out of my head. 😉

A penny for your thoughts?

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