Finding balance in the imbalance.

I seem to be full of confessions recently, don’t I? Well, I have another. This one is a lot easier for me to tell you through the words of this page, than if I had to tell you face-to-face. I have never read through the entire Bible.

Shame. I know. I have not.

I have tried unsuccessfully. The last couple of January’s have started with the best intentions. I would start gung-ho, full of fervor and grit to get. it. done. Then by the time I got to all those names and numbers and dates…my zeal would become less than zesty.  My desire became dry.

So recently I stumbled upon a Bible that Ann Voskamp recommended on her blog and it sounded right up my alley. I ordered the ESV Daily Reading Bible with my trusty Amazon Prime membership and had a reunion with my UPS driver two days later. We had a lot of catching up to do since our daily meets the entire month of December. I digress.

I. Love. This. Bible. It makes reading the Bible everyday POSSIBLE. Daily readings are broken down into a chapter of several books and can be done in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes. If I can’t give fifteen minutes a day to reading, studying and chewing on the only self-help, parenting and marital guide that has any answers worth following, then I  have a serious problem.

I’m speaking to myself here…and I’m sure you’ve heard the same…but I always have time to do what is important to me. I may say I don’t have time to do what I need to do. Whether it’s reading my bible, playing with my kids, volunteering at church or in the community…you name it. The truth is I have exactly enough time to do exactly what is important to me. And that’s what I do. I’m struggling with this a lot lately.

Finding balance in the imbalance is a daily struggle for me. At this point in my life, it’s not just a desire. It’s a true need. A necessity. If I don’t get this right now, I will not be getting anything else right either.

One small step is getting in the Word daily.

One BIG step is getting in the Word daily.

This is my life-blood. These are living, breathing words of Truth to get me through my day.  As a parent. As a wife. As a friend. As a disciple.  My one necessity.

How can I expect to have a relationship with my Savior if I don’t spend time in the only Word he has given me. I have said in the past, “I just wish God would come down and tell me exactly what He wants me to do. I would do it. I would really do it!” Only to realize now, He has. Every inspired word of the Bible is just enough. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s all there. The greatest Love story ever known. Ever told. For you. For me. And in it we will find ourselves. Practically and providentially. I’m ready to find myself this year.

Will you join me in this endeavor? An accountability partner would be great.

Some more great tips on reading through the Bible in a year can be found here. Jacque Watkins has a great guest post today on The MOB Society’s blog about this topic and inspired me to get this post written that has been on my heart for a few days. Thank you, Jacque! And thank you for following along another day on my faith journey.


A penny for your thoughts?

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