Five Minute Friday | {choose}

So, it’s Friday. And I’m excited to start a new tradition of following an awesome lady’s lead to write on a prompt she gives for five minutes flat. No fluff. No stuff. Just write and it doesn’t have to be just right. Love that.


Find Lisa-Jo Baker’s awesome blog here and join the #fmfparty, too.

Here we go…today’s prompt is {CHOOSE}

Choose. There is a lot wrapped up in those six letters.

We choose something everyday. We choose someone.

Based on what? Based on what’s important to us. We choose what’s important to us.

From our socks, to our shoes, to our breakfast, to our radio station, to the words we leave in our children’s ear as we send them out the door, to the failed “I love you” we meant to tell our spouse before he left, to the alarm clock that told us to get up, but we hit snooze. Because we chose to.

Our days are full of “choosing.” Right. Wrong. Good. Bad. Choices.

And in the end, we have but one choice. Life. Death. Heaven. Hell.

Yeah, she had to get around to that didn’t she? Yeah, I guess I did.

It’s the one choice that matters. Out of all of the other choices, Jesus is the only choice that matters.

We choose Him, all else falls into place. We make better choices all together. But that choice has to be made first. And last.

He chose me. Thank God, He chose me.

Unloveable, yelling mama, screaming wife, undeserving daughter, out-of-touch sister, fallible friend. Yet, He still chose me.

Unbelievable. But believable. True story.

Living to choose Him daily. Living to choose the Grace-Giver. And so glad He chose to give it to me. To us all. For the taking.

Free. Radical. Life-changing. Grace. Our choice.

Who and what are you choosing today?


19 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | {choose}

  1. Yep, there’s lots of choices to make every day, throughout life, but ultimately, all eternity hinges on just one. So nice to meet here at FMF!

  2. Meredith, I love your name…its my oldest daughters and I love to hear it come out of my lips…its of the sea and beautiful…I love Meredith…anyways…you are right the Only Choice that Matters…The Only Memory that ultimately Matters…The Only thing that ends up defining and settling and summing up our lives…our choice of Him…you’re right

    • Hi Summer…I love your kind words and I love your name, as well. One of my dearest friends is named Summer and she is a beautiful person, inside and out. Just as you! I had no idea my name had anything to do with the sea…so you taught me something today. 😉 I love how you say the only Memory that ultimately matters. The memory of that choice. Beautiful thought. Love it! Thanks for stopping by today. 😀

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Lori! I had a blast at my first FWF party. Hope I can do that again soon. 🙂 And I wasn’t sure at all about this post, but it’s what came to my heart so I went with it. Thanks again. Hugs.

  3. What a blessing to meet you during the #fmfparty tonight!

    Tonight I’m choosing freedom. Freedom from fear and failure and feeling insignificant.

    It’s what Jesus came to do. Offer us freedom.

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

    • And a blessing to meet you, LeeAnn! So glad I found this group, hope I can keep this up. And I’ll join you on the freedom train…I need freedom from all of the same. Every. Day. Now let’s go get some rest. 😉

  4. I love your heart and challenge here — living to choose Him daily. Yes. There are so many things vying for our hearts. Many times it’s things that God already said He would give when we first choose Him above all.

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