The truth about trust.

There was a time when I really couldn’t be trusted. I couldn’t be trusted with my own heart, let alone anyone else’s. And today I read this verse and stop to consider how far I’ve come. Or not.

The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.
Proverbs 31:11

I’m not perfect now and I wasn’t perfect then. But I can be trusted now (more) and I can’t say that about “then.”

Then. When I was struggling to find myself in all the wrong ways, in all the wrong places.

Then. When I thought I knew who I was and would have told you I was trustworthy. And I was, to an extent. But not to the greatest extent.

Until you have trusted your heart to the only One who can be trusted, you can never be trusted.

Harsh? Maybe. True? I think so.

Jesus is the only person who ever displayed trust fully to us, and only in Him do we have the ability to be trustworthy.

And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.
Psalm 9:10


As a wife and a mother and a sister-in-Christ…I am called to be trustworthy and to allow others to gain from my trust.

We’ve all been bit by someone who didn’t keep something to themselves we were trusting them with. And after we’ve been hurt we find it hard to trust again.

There is freedom in a friend you can trust. And there is freedom for them in being able to trust you.

My marriage is built on trust today, if nothing else. I live in a home and reside in a marriage as the only spouse that trusts God.

But I’m trusting God to change that. In His time. In His will. In His way. I have to or I’d lose hope altogether.

Maybe you are in a similar situation as me and maybe you aren’t. Either way, your husband, your children and your friends need your trust.

In a relationship of trust, we gain freedom to just be. Without fear of judgement or failure or condemnation.

Our ability to be trusted is our banner of love to those who trust us. 

We are human and in that we will never be completely trustworthy. God tells us to put our trust in Him, not man.

Even in that, we should strive to be trustworthy. Seeking to be like the image of Trust we have as a mirror to see ourselves in. But only in Him is that even possible.

If you haven’t trusted your heart to Him, would you give up the fight and trust today? Life is too short and life is too long to go another day without knowing the freedom of real Trust in a true Savior.

Freedom our sin-soaked, un-trustworhty, completely unworthy selves.

If you feel God calling you to Him…don’t ignore. If you’d like help praying, here’s a start and I’d love to help along if you need me. The best gift you can ever give yourself is trusting your soul with the One who created you in the first place.

That’s truth you can trust today.

Trusting Him,


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10 thoughts on “The truth about trust.

  1. Wow! What a wonderful message about trust and about Jesus. “Until you have trusted your heart to the only One who can be trusted, you can never be trusted.” This is the beginning of it all, isn’t it?! And it is so true that without the Lord we can never even come close to being the excellent wife spoken of in Proverbs 31. I am so thankful for a Savior who works on my heart day by day and never lets me stay in my sin. Thanks, Meredith!

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  3. Hi Meredith! Thank you for the reminder of God’s truth today that I am to put my trust in Him, not in man. That’s one of those truths I know, but for some reason, need to be reminded of often. I’m thankful today you and I trust Jesus, and we can put everything at His feet. I appreciate your transparency in your post. Keep writing and encouraging, sister!

  4. Thank you for the vulnerability you put into this post, Meredith. Trusting God is where can begin to be trustworthy ourselves. I believe all things are possible through Christ, and that our testimony is one of the most powerful tools to draw people to Him. I love the button too, btw! 😉

  5. Yes, so true. It is all about trust isn’t it. Thank you for your thoughts and the chance to consider this powerful message. Linda

  6. While I did not write regarding trust in my post today, God spoke to my heart yesterday on this week’s love dare to be kind of how that also includes my husband being able to trust me that I not only speak kind words to him but that my words are kind when I speak about him to others. When we put our trust in God, He really does move in your life in ways that make you desire to become more and more like Him. I know I will never be a perfect spouse, but I’m so very grateful I’m not the spouse I once was. Beautiful, as always, Meredith.

    • Amen, Beth. I am far from being a perfect spouse either… But so much further along than I was once. And hopefully will continue on the right path… In His grace. Thanks for stopping by! Always encouraged by your words, Meredith

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