It’s Moving Day. {On the blog}. Please come with me!

This has been my home for the past five months and it’s been a great start. I’ve come to know myself better and know a lot of you better through the sharing of these words. All of these words!

It’s time for a change. Time to merge the two passions God has given me between my pen and my lens.

From this point on, I will be posting HERE and would really love to have you follow along.

You can subscribe to my new blog through the link at the bottom left of the page…see here:


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 11.50.29 AM

My new home isn’t completely finished…there are still boxes to be unpacked…but it’s ready for visitors, as long as you don’t mind the mess. I’m perfectly imperfect, remember?

This isn’t an end at all, but the beginning of a new chapter. On to bigger and better…only and always FOR HIS GLORY.

Blessings…see you over there,