The stuff dreams are made of.

I’ve never considered myself a dreamer. A realist? Practical? Yes. A dreamer? No.

I don’t particularly see the glass as half full or half empty. I just see a glass with water in it. That’s the truth anyway, right?

I have also never considered myself an artist. Never. Ever. That is a term left for people that dance or paint or wear cut off sweatshirts that hang off one shoulder and have long, pretty hair. That’s never been me. Ever.

So the fact that these two words have been flittering around in my over-crowded brain recently has got me thinking. And now writing.

Am I a dreamer? Maybe I am. Maybe I’ve always been and I never took the time to embrace that part of me desiring to be let loose. To dream.

Am I an artist? Maybe I am. Maybe I’ve always had a vision in me that has never felt worthy of a place to land or be made known.

Because I am also a doubter. There is no doubt, this is truth. I’m not proud of my inclination to fear and worry and I can say I come by it naturally and that wouldn’t be a lie either. But, it’s also not an excuse.

I fear the unknown. I fear failing. I fear what I’m sure will happen even though it (usually) never does.

In all the years of trying to be something and someone I’ve made myself believe I am, maybe I’ve left the person I really am behind.

And that’s who I’m in the process of now discovering. This dreamer. This artist. I feel weird even putting those two words in association with “me.” But here I am eternalizing it and there is freedom in the saying so.


Sometimes we have to step out of who we have been to become who we really are. 

Sometimes we have to embrace the person God made us to be in spite of the fear that says we can’t. 

Sometimes we have to let go and let God in order to hold on to the person He made us to be.

I’m attempting to be and do bigger things than I’ve ever attempted. Not in my own power, which would be futile.

Only in His power and His way and His time will the picture be painted and eventually perfected. The portrait of my life.

He wants to do the same in us all. He wants us to hand Him the paintbrush and the pen and let Him write the words and paint the strokes over our lives the way He already has them laid out.

Our life is not ours to paint. He alone gives and He alone takes away. He has the perfect portrait of our life hanging in His house. We don’t get to see it until the day We are called Home as His children. And we never get to see it if we don’t call Him Father.


My pastor explained well how when one writes a letter our handwriting may tend to change along with the mood of our words.

Friend, the words of our lives change. Seasons of life come and go and people come and go and the one constant in life seems to be change. But there is another constant that is truly constant.

His name is God. The Creator. The Master Painter. The Perfect Penman. Who has written your story and painted my portrait perfectly.

He bids us to open our eyes to what He is writing and painting and to embrace what He has created as it changes and He stays the same.

Always there. Always with us. Always for us. Writing. Painting. The words of our life.

As we dare to dream what He has in store for us. What He has planned for us. Believing that all things really do work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. This is truth.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Your newfound dreamer,

What are you dreaming today? I’d love to hear…




27 thoughts on “The stuff dreams are made of.

  1. Great post! Welcome to the “other side”the side where us dreamers live 🙂
    I hesitate to call myself a writer because in the midst of “real writers”that have always seemed to know this is what they wanted to do, I didn’t. Never did I consider writing something I could or would do. But God, did. The dream hasn’t turned out anything like I expected…it’s better! 🙂 It’s so great to meet you!

    • Hi Alecia! Thanks so much for reading my post today. 🙂 It’s true, God’s dreams for us are SO much better than our own. I’m glad I’m learning to live in His and not mine. 😉 Blessings to you!

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  4. “Sometimes we have to step out of who we have been to become who we really are.” This really resonated with me! Beautifully written post Meredith – filled with artistry of words and images…thank you.

  5. I’m so glad to hear you are following that dream to wherever God may lead you. It is so exciting, isn’t it? I am a doubter too, and I constantly have to remind myself I can do all things through CHRIST. Throughout your post, I kept thinking of that verse in Ephesians…”For we are God’s masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus…” Beautiful post.

  6. Another amazingly beautiful post, Meredith. You touch my heart every time with your words. Artist? Dreamer? I struggle with using those two words as well. I keep re-reading these words –>
    “Sometimes we have to step out of who we have been to become who we really are.
    Sometimes we have to embrace the person God made us to be in spite of the fear that says we can’t.
    Sometimes we have to let go and let God in order to hold on to the person He made us to be.”
    Maybe what speaks to me most is the need to “let go and let God.”
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart.
    Much love.

  7. Meredith,
    I’m excited for the journey you are on with God…it has been a journey for me to learn to dream and to be open to who God made me to be…praying God continues to guide you 🙂

  8. So thankful for that Constant in my life. As I change, develop, deepen I’m so thankful that He’s there leading the way. Beautiful post! Beautiful blog!
    I hope to keep connected. Have a beautiful Monday!

  9. Oh, Meredith! You’ve done it again – captured my thoughts and feelings exactly! I am slowly peeling the layers away to find my “real” self! Dreamer, writer, artist! Amazing words I never thought I would use to describe myself! Can’t wait to continue peeling and see what God has in store!

  10. Oh how I pray that I will be more of a dreamer than a doubter. I love this post, Meredith! Your words always get caught on my heart strings…!!

  11. Meredith, your message fits so well with the one I am finishing this morning. You have expressed my very feelings–this strange call and desire, the excitement, the doubts, the fear, but also confidence that God is right here with us, leading us, creating this in us, and in that there is hope. Hope that we will be right where He wants us to be, serving Him and bringing Him glory. Blessings to you today!

  12. Same here!! Never, ever, ever would have called myself an artist/creative until the last few yrs. And dreamer? I saw that as a label that probably fit but that I didn’t really want. Isn’t it amazing how God changes all that? It truly is a “crazy amazing journey!”

    Beautiful post! If you don’t already have another one in mind, you should consider linking it up tomorrow on the GSD site. 🙂

  13. Yes, LeeAnn, it’s a crazy amazing journey! So glad to be on it together and find another soul in the same place…Push on. We will be writers and artists together even when we don’t feel that way. Glad to have found you, friend. {hugs} 😀

  14. As if I needed another reason for us to be soul sisters. I’m learning these same lessons. Definitely NEVER would have called myself a dreamer or an artist and for sure saw the glass as just there…until I met my dreamer husband and then a couple of years ago, started realizing that maybe I should start living like a believer (you know…actually trust God) instead of just calling myself one. And now I push through the fear and write about it. Shew, it’s a crazy amazing journey God has us on, eh?

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