Hope in the Weeds.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’m going to sound cliche. Spending some good soul-searching-dirt-under-fingernail time this past week on an unseasonably warm day led to a few analogies I have to share. Analogies about weeds. Weeds in my plant bed and weeds in the bed of my soul.


My soul that sprouts weeds so easily. All it takes is one lie to get them started. Just like the garden of Eden. One lie deemed truth turned the world upside down. Forever changed the course of history. For one man and one woman who had the perfect life. Believed the perfect lie. And the rest was history.

How is my own soul like that? In too many ways to count.

I let the Enemy tell me one lie. To paraphrase my pastor, “Even a half-truth is a whole lie.” Satan’s really good at that. Telling me a half-truth to get me doubting and then get me acting on it.

Believing less than the whole I really know to be true. Forgetting who I am in Christ and believing who the world says I am. Or should be. Or could be.

Then this one lie becomes like a weed in my heart. And it doesn’t need water to grow. In fact, it likes drought.

The drier the better. A dry soul is a breeding ground for the lies of the Enemy to spread like wildfire.

A soul parched from lack of Truth is sure to catch fire from the Enemy’s lies.

Those chickweeds of lies work on killing this chick. One by one by one. They multiply to death.

As I dug out the weeds in the plant bed, it became obvious the only way to get them all was to extract them by hand. They seemed to multiply as I pulled. It was tedious. It was dirty. My back hurt. My knees hurt. But in the end, it was soul satisfying. That clean bed was ready for day lilies and daffodils to make their entrance. The weeds are gone. For now.

When we finished, there was tangible proof we had accomplished something.


That’s actually a chocolate smile…not dirt. Well, maybe some dirt mixed with chocolate.


When we kill the lies Satan puts in our hearts, we have accomplished the work of God.


I pulled and piled. The kids carted those spindly green threats away in their little dump truck. Teamwork at its best. And I explained to my little souls that those weeds were like sin. When we let one sin, one bad decision, one wrong choice creep into our life, we are making room for another one to follow. And another.

And then the best part. I told them that all of that work we did to remove those weeds was done in the blink of an eye by God when we seek forgiveness. Our sins are removed immediately and permanently when we repent and accept Jesus’ gift of salvation. His gift of Life. His gift of Truth. His gift of Hope.

We will have to fight to keep the weeds from coming back in that plant bed. Some pre-emergent will help prepare the soil to kill them before they sprout. Like the preparation of our own souls with the watering of the Word.

Without Truth our souls aren’t prepared to kill sin before it sprouts.

With Truth we have Hope in the weeds.


Yes, it takes some work on our part. To keep weeds out of our plant beds and sin out of our heart. But the rewards are always greater than the cost.

danville-va-portrait-photographer_0003 danville-va-portrait-photographer_0001

An immortal King who knew no bounds, came to earth confined to flesh and an earthly king’s dominion. He endured sorrow, denial, hatred and torture for doing no wrong. Jesus poured out blood through sweat and His pierced side so that I would never have to. He died in my stead. For my sins that He knew none. He paid the fine for my sin-debt.

My reward in Him is worth any cost I pay while I’m on this earth. 

There will be weeds in my yard. There will be sin in my heart. I will fight them until my fight here is over.

But I will fight harder to keep them away knowing the cost paid for their final removal. And then this…

 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” (Rev. 21:14 ESV)

That’s a day worth waiting for. Worth fighting for. Worth living for.

Here’s to that day, friend. And until that day, may we fight the weeds of sin and lie that seek to kill us with the power of the only One that can destroy them. There is Hope in the weeds.

In Christ Alone,

7 thoughts on “Hope in the Weeds.

  1. Just beautiful. Wow! I’m so grateful I have found your site. This is so true — “When we let one sin, one bad decision, one wrong choice creep into our life, we are making room for another one to follow. And another.” I loved how I day of pulling weeds led to such a powerful message. Btw…I shared one of your posts on my blog Friday as one of my favorite reads from the week. 🙂 I may need to share you again this Friday. 🙂

  2. I cannot tell you how much I totally loved this post. So true: “A soul parched from lack of Truth is sure to catch fire from the Enemy’s lies.” I mean it, you totally get me…and you write words I need to hear.
    Great, great analogy.

  3. Stunningly beautiful, Meredith! Isn’t it amazing how God uses those annoying weeds that never stop appearing to teach us His truth! Some weeds are downright ugly and we know they are destructive and we are ready to get rid of them. But some weeds are downright pretty…we’re not sure we want to pull them just yet. I did that once in my garden. I wasn’t sure what it was…maybe some wonderful volunteer thing of beauty? I let it grow until the beauty turned into a huge gnarly weed, revealing its true identity and choking out life of good plants around it. By then, its roots went deep and took a TON of work to remove it all. A lesson learned, to be sure!

    • Thank you, Sabra. I have also done that. Let a weed grow that I wasn’t sure was a weed until it became very obvious. There’s certainly a life lesson there, as well. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts again today. I love your insights! Blessings today, friend. 🙂

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