Five Minute Friday | {Crowd}

Linking up with the fabulous Lisa-Jo Baker and the “crowd” again this week for Five Minute Friday. Five minutes of pure, unadulterated, no-edit, get-it-out-there, real and raw writing. There is a pre-party every Thursday night at #fmfparty that is a blast…if you can stay awake. Which I never seem to be able to do. Enjoy. 😉

This week’s prompt is “CROWD”…Here we go.


Have you ever been that face in the crowd? The one that isn’t sure of it’s own existence, much less what it means in the midst of so many other faces?

I have. Been there. Recently.

I would have said I was secure. Secure enough in  my own identity for it to not matter what the crowd said or thought or didn’t say or think. I’m a tough girl. I’m good in my own skin. Until the other night.

Really, this is ridiculous. I like people. I’m not an introvert. Really. Although there does seem to be much more freedom flowing from these fingertips, than from my timid soul when put in a crowd. Yeah, so my kids caught on to that, too.

They hovered close. Clinging to legs. Not letting go for fear the crowd might swallow them up.

It didn’t. Didn’t swallow them…or me. In fact, we found some new friends after we settled in for the night.

That’s what happens with fear, isn’t it?

Once we overcome fear, fear doesn’t overcome us. 

There’s a message in there, somewhere. I don’t have time to unpack it today. Maybe another. I did talk about fear and grace here, though.

That’s five minutes and this is hard to not want to go back and revise and edit and make longer and stronger.

That’s the fear in me. If I put this out there without the edit and extra words I may miss some “likes” and “shares” and comments. That’s ok, though. I’m sticking with the crowd this time.

Graciously In Him,


An aside…I’m so glad that no matter what crowd I’m in, no matter how small I feel at times, there is only One who determines my true worth. As a Daughter of the King, I’m considered Beloved and complete…in Him. In Christ Alone. 

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | {Crowd}

    • Thank you for visiting, Lisa-Jo! Happy dance in my kitchen over eggs and children not wanting to get ready for church. 😉 Glad you found some truth here. You keep pouring it into me. 🙂

  1. Meredith,
    It is such a battle between fear …I can relate to that …and I am an introvert, although with extrovert leanings 🙂
    What a wonderful reminder of how our identity always has to be in Christ 🙂 Blessings on you and yours this weekend 🙂

  2. Wonderful, Meredith! Such a great message in so short a time!

    I was stumped with “crowd.” Determined to stop at five minutes. Didn’t take time to think much before BEGIN. So, instead of posting to my blog, I will post it here:

    There’s a crowd in my heart.
    A crowd of longing. Longing for the things of God. Longing to be more like Him. Longing to glorify Him with my every thought, word, and deed.
    A crowd of hope. Hope that I can be used by God for His purposes to bring light and joy and comfort to others. Hope that I will be found faithful in the eyes of the Lord. Hope that everything I do will shout His love to others.
    A crowd of joy. Joy that my heavenly Father loves me…is working in me and on me and through me. Joy that Jesus has saved me from all that is ugly and cold and dark in my soul. Joy that this life is not all there is…there’s an eternity in heaven.
    There’s a crowd in my heart—longing for all that God is, for the hope He brings, for the joy He gives.

    Thanks for allowing me to share, Meredith. Learning still…

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