Grace in the Gap.

She’s home now. At peace now. That woman whose hug and collards felt like home.

Reunited with those who left her before she was ready to let them go.

There’s peace knowing where she is. With her Maker.

Face to face with the One who created her.

I wonder what she did when she saw Him.

Fall prostrate at His feet?
Run up to Him for an embrace?
Stand in awe with no words? What could one say, anyway?

And before she left she was graced.

In the gap between here and there…she was graced.

With visits from family she rarely got to see…not knowing she wouldn’t see again.
With last days spent in peace and with those she loved by her side.
Last moments in the presence of a grandchild and daughter.

Some call it good fortune, good luck, good karma. Whatever that is.

I call it Grace. And I’ve seen it before in times like this.

When my mother died one morning from a sudden heart attack and shared her last night on earth with her very best friends and then a late night talk with me. None of us realizing it was the last words we would share with her…
That was Grace. Nothing less.

When my other Granny gave up her fight with dialysis and her loved ones spent a week telling her goodbye and at her side as she was ushered into Glory. And that grace offering of being able to sing “Amazing Grace” to her sweet frame in that bed the last night she drew breath as she had sung to me so many times as a child…
That was Grace. Nothing more.

I’m now motherless and grandmother-less and I’m at peace. Because these three women breathed life into me and so many others while they were here. And that breath lives on in those they exhaled life into.

And in the gap that I’m in now…between today and eternity…there is grace.

There is grace in the gap for all of us. We don’t always see it or feel it or know it. But it’s always there.

Grace beckons to be received. His name is Jesus.

His grace was poured out on the cross in a pool of blood. And it covers those who claim it.

Covers us in peace like we’ve never known. Covers us white as snow.

Oh, yes, there is grace in the gap. Between the now and then and here and there.

There is infinite Grace if we take the time to see it and feel it and live in it.

Go in Grace today and claim it. It’s yours and it’s mine.

Graciously in the Gap,




10 thoughts on “Grace in the Gap.

  1. Oh Meredith, I am so sorry for your loss but so happy that you will be reunited with your Granny in Heaven. Your heart just spilled onto the page here in this post and left me choked up and wanting to give you a hug. Thank you for sharing. You are a blessing.

    • Thanks so much, Abby. I would give you a hug if I could right now, too. I’m at my computer with a heavy heart tonight for a lot of reasons. God is still good and still in control, even when we don’t feel it. I know it. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. xoxo

  2. Your words…your heart filling this page…leave me with no words. Just this: Love you, Meredith! May God continue filling you with His grace and peace and abiding love!

  3. Thank you for speaking from your heart. If my eyes are swollen when you see me this weekend, it is all your fault. Love you sweet niece.

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