All He sees is snow.

It was coming. Like a freight train that couldn’t be stopped. I saw the first few flakes start to fall outside the window and panic set in. So much I just realized I needed to do. That I wanted to do before the inevitable power outage would come. My husband said it would and as he likes to say “If I tell you the moon’s made out of cheese, get your crackers.” That is cowboy-ese for “Trust Me. I know what I’m talking about.”

So I started scrambling. Like a mama hen gathering her chicks…fast and furious.  It was coming. I kept looking out the window and it was falling faster and coming down sideways. Hurried. Sideways. Like me.

I started checking things off. I’m a list maker, a note taker. I take great delight in writing things down on paper or in my head…and then checking them off. One by one. House vacuumed. Floors mopped. Furniture dusted. Oil lamps retrieved and dusted off and wicks trimmed and oil poured.  Matches ready. Bacon frying, potatoes cut and ready to make soup.

So much to do and now it’s done. I’m done. Settling in now. Ready for whatever is coming. And it just keeps coming.

The snow is not done. It keeps coming down and piling up.  Like my list of things to do. I had just settled in.  I was done. Then I  remember the clothes in the dryer needed folding. And I was going to get a shower in case we have no hot water tomorrow. And I need to mix some cornbread to go with the soup. I thought I was done. But it just keeps coming.

Isn’t that just. like. life.  Just when we think we are caught up or living on the mountain we remember another errand needs to be run, report needs to be done, horse needs to be fed. And I was all ready to settle in for the long winters night.

And in the midst of the busy, the screaming kids and beeping oven, the snow just keeps coming down and draws me to it. So out I go to take it in. A few quiet moments on my porch and with my camera to take it in.

Such a paradox this white stuff is. Fast and furious it falls. Soft and quiet it lays. It silences the rest of the world while settling in a soft whisper on everything it touches. And in a matter of moments, everywhere I look is covered. White. Pure and quiet and white. Clean and fresh and new.

Inside is chaos and lists and needy people. Outside is peace and pure and quiet.

Perhaps this is a mirror of our redeemed selves in Christ.

What He sees on the outside. Washed white as snow. Clean. Pure. Being made new.

What we feel on the inside. Never satisfied, always striving to do and be more. For Him. For ourselves. Our job. Our family. And the harder we try, the further we find ourself from where we want to be.

When in reality, He only sees the snow.

He accepts our filthy rags and covers them with unending, never failing, undeserved Grace.

And it keeps coming. Grace upon Grace upon Grace. It falls from the sky like manna from Heaven. And we only have to pick it up and take it in.

Maybe one day we will get it. We will start to see the snow and leave the rest behind. Maybe we will start to live and breathe what He already sees in us. Start to see ourselves for what we are IN Him.

And He has made us new and washed us white as snow.

No more sin stain. The scarlet letter on my chest has been erased. I forget that.

I don’t have to live so rushed, because the most important things in my life aren’t things. They are flesh and faith.

And my own flesh and faith are weak, but in my weakness He is strong. And in His strength, maybe, just maybe I will start to see the snow, too.


11 thoughts on “All He sees is snow.

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  3. Meredith, I’ve always loved watching the snow fall. We don’t see it too much here in Texas, but when I am blessed with the beauty once again, I will always think of “manna from heaven.” Beautiful! Thank you!

  4. So thankful that my friend, Daniel, shared today’s message , “All He Sees is Snow”, on Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am really looking forward to reading more of your writings. Thanks and God bless you as you touch the hearts of so many others. ❤

    • Thank you so much, Stephanie! Your words are so encouraging for my soul today. I’m so glad my words were of some encouragement to you and hope they will continue to be. I try to post a few times a week. If you “follow” my blog you will get an update in your inbox each time. Blessings to you!

  5. Meredith, I absolutely love your writing! It touches my very soul. Thank you for answering the call the Lord has placed on your life! It is a precious gift for all!

  6. Meredith Bernard, I read this with great interest as I thought that it would be a cool little story about LB and the farm, etc… you even fooled me with the “moon is made of cheese” comment… I’ve heard him say that…. As I read deeper into the story and started to “get” where you were going, I don’t mind telling you that this became one of the most touching things I have ever read…. I lost my brother to suicide nearly 2 years ago,, and the day after he left us, it snowed. I thought it was special at the time; but after reading this, admittedly with tears streaming down my face, NOW I know it was special. Thank you for that.

    • Thank you for sharing your heart, Dan. I can’t imagine losing my brother so tragically and I’m touched beyond measure that these words encouraged you today. It’s my hearts desire for God to use my pen to speak to others, so thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. That was beautiful Meredith and so true! As woke up this morning and look outside I just have to thank our heavenly father for his favor, it’s just beautiful and no tree limbs hanging over heavy with snow or ice! Just proof to me he hears us and answers prayer!

    • I know, Jamie! It is amazing there is 7” of snow and none on the trees. Yes, He does hear and He does answer…and sometimes it’s what we ask for. 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting this morning. Have a blessed day enjoying the splendor of God’s glory…so easy to see today! 😀

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