On the other side of forgiveness.


The chimes are singing their hi-pitched melody as I sit on the porch in this old metal chair and watch the sky turn steel gray. There’s a storm coming and the chimes aren’t the only ones singing a song. The bees are buzzing loud and darting quick, the birds are flittering about and the wind is stirring the just barely budding branches.

It’s holy week. The week we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and triumphal victory over death. In-between the entry and the ascension, a storm was brewing. In the hearts of those He came to save. Those who deserved nothing He had to offer or would eventually give.

Their hearts were black as night. Cold as death. They wanted Him to be what their desperate souls needed. A savior. A redeemer. But not in the way He would be both of those. They wanted it then. They were oppressed and they saw Jesus as their way out.

When He gave up, they gave in. To the bitter storm that brewed in their hearts against this Man they thought was coming to save them from their oppressors. Not realizing this Man was coming to save them from themselves.

In the greatest act of love ever displayed, Jesus forgave them. Even them. Even me. Those He came to save who wouldn’t lift His name in glory, but lifted his body high on a cross out of contempt.

What human being could possibly forgive like that? Only a perfect One. One THE perfect One.

And what does forgiveness offer the one that forgives? Freedom. Sweet, life-breathing freedom.

Jesus was separated in bondage from His father for those moments on the cross. But when it was finished and His love and forgiveness made complete, He was free. He was restored to His Father’s side. He was home.

I’ve known that freedom. Not from being a perfect person offering forgiveness to someone who wronged me. Instead, I wear the freedom from receiving forgiveness from someone I gravely wronged. In the worst way. And I didn’t deserve it from them any more than I deserved it from Christ. But I’ve been doubly blessed with both.

Sisters, never ever doubt the freedom that comes in forgiveness. Giving and receiving.

We may only have the ability to give, but if it needs to be asked for, then ask.

Regardless of getting in return, the asking in itself will free. And you’ve done the only part left for you to do.

Jesus did His part for you. He bids we do our part for Him. And not only for His sake, but for our own.

Unforgiveness robs freedom from the one holding on, not the one being held.

It’s time to live free. On the other side of forgiveness.

For His Glory,


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11 thoughts on “On the other side of forgiveness.

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  2. A beautiful message on forgiveness, Meredith. And a reminder that we forgive because we were forgiven. This is so important to remember ~> “Regardless of getting in return, the asking in itself will free.” Powerful truth. Blessings to you on this Holy Week. Much love. ❤

  3. I, like Abby, also used to hold on to passed hurts. When wet truly embrace the forgiveness Jesus offers us, how can we not offer that to others and forgive them? Thank you Meredith for your powerful, life-giving post! Blessings to you this holy week!

  4. Unforgiveness robs the one holding on, not the one being held. Wow, so true and powerful. I spent many years of my life holding on to past hurt, as I’ve discussed on my blog, and it is so freeing to let it go and leave it in God’s hands. Thanks for sharing these liberating truths today. God calls us to forgive and ask forgiveness for our freedom. “For is is for freedom that Christ set us free.” (Galatians 5:1)

  5. What a beautiful message of forgiveness, Meredith! I constantly need the reminder that Jesus’ dying on the cross for my sin was for. MY. sin. I must never forget that. I can only forgive because I have been forgiven. And in this He sets the captives free. Bless you today, sweet sister!

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