A new day.

I’ve caught myself doing something recently that I’ve never done much of.
There are websites committed just to this (People of Walmart, anyone?), but it’s never been something I’ve spent much time doing.

People watching.

Taking in what’s going on around me, more than what’s necessarily going on in me.

Even though I believe my recent increase of self-awareness has probably led to this desire for people awareness.

It’s happened in worship service, the grocery store, the gas station, in the chair at the salon.

Listening. Watching. Wondering…
What’s going on in their life?
Where are their priorities?
What are they going home to?
What’s the big thing in their life that weighs them down?

We all have that “big thing” going on at any given time, don’t we?

Maybe you would say I’m just being nosy… and there have certainly been times in my life when I have people watched for that reason.

This is different.

I’m not listening, watching or wondering because I want to be able to compare my life or my problems to theirs.
I’m listening, watching and wondering because I realize we are all so very alike even in our very different skin.

As much as we all are different, we are all very much the same.


And in that sameness, there is oneness.

And in that oneness, there is freedom.

Freedom to love.
Freedom to embrace.
Freedom to accept.
Freedom to forgive.
Freedom to just be who God made us to be.

On this Monday after that Sunday, I consider the freedom that Jesus’s followers must have felt on that day.

When they finally realized He really was who He said He was.

He really did conquer death and hell and the grave.

In His freedom, they found their freedom.

In His freedom, we find our freedom.

The same power that freed Jesus from those blood soaked linen cloths and dirt enclosed tomb…that very. same. power. is yours and mine for the claiming.

That Monday wasn’t only a new day for His followers, it was a new day for those who hung him on that tree. And it was a new day for you and me.

As much as I hate to think of those people that beat and scourged him to the point that he was unrecognizable as a human and then literally nailed his still living corpse to that cross…I realize my sin was just as much responsible for putting Him there as theirs. I see that now.

Yet even in my deepest, darkest sin, He died for me. And you. And them.

And by Monday He was free. And so were we.

That is worth praising God for.
That is worth loving people for.
That is worth cherishing a new day for.

For His Glory forever and ever,


6 thoughts on “A new day.

  1. “That is worth praising God for.
    That is worth loving people for.
    That is worth cherishing a new day for.”
    Amen! So good, Meredith. I just love coming to visit you and knowing how my heart will be encouraged from what you share. THANK YOU.

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