Weekend Reflections| Snowmageddon

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There is perhaps no word that better describes this week for my small corner of the earth than the coined term “Snowmageddon.”  We’ve lived through the anticipation of snow, the arrival of snow and then more snow and now we will face the departure of it. It’s been a fun week, especially given the fact that we were so fortunate as to not lose power…I know many people did and I’m not discounting the misery that comes with that. I’m just glad we didn’t have to experience it this time. 🙂 Was that rude? I hope not.

With the anticipation comes excitement and a bit of anxiety all wrapped up in a not so pretty package. More like one of my hurriedly wrapped gifts in a bag with a few haphazard pieces of tissue paper thrown in minutes before we are leaving for a party. Hey, it happens. A lot. And that was kind of like the first part of the week. Talk of all of this snow and not knowing whether to believe the weather people or not. They make it hard sometimes. No fault of their own I’m sure, but it’s a fact.

So in the anticipation and excitement there was also dread (of the power going out…which as I said, never happened here.)

And isn’t that just like life…we get anxious and worked up over what might happen and lose those moments to just revel in the glory of what is coming or what is actually happening in the moment because we are worried about tomorrow. We forget that wonderful reminder Jesus gave us to “not worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself.” Yes, I need that one written on my walls..and my heart. Every. Single. Day.

The anticipation also brought hurriedness. To prepare the house and stock the pantry (can’t go without bread and milk…luckily we have the milk covered from trusty Stella the Jersey in the barn…but we can never have enough bread and the shelves were bare! :O) And I talked about that in my post earlier this week giving it all. she. had. But it’s true the anticipation probably took a little of the excitement out of the snow when it did finally come. And yes…it came.

The snow came and came again. It was beautiful and white and the ground is still beautiful and white. And for a couple of days, the world around us changed. We see a different landscape. Even the night is different. We have had a full moon and it truly looks like daylight the way the moon reflects off the snow. It’s like we are living in a different world. There is a sense of perfection in the blanket of white over everything. A sense of serenity and peace that I don’t often feel by just looking around me. But, maybe that is a reminder that it always there. Under the snow is the same ground that I get to see every day. And maybe I should start looking at it differently every. day.

I talked earlier this week about how God only sees snow when He sees his redeemed child. And maybe that’s how I should be seeing myself and you and this earth he has provided. Always as covered with snow…perfectly imperfect and ok with that. And rejoiceful in that!

And as the snow melts…and it is and it will…there comes the aftermath. The muddy and wet aftermath. The ground will be wet for weeks, especially with forecasted rain to come on top of it soon. I’ll forget all too soon how the world changed for a few days and go back to complaining about the wet and mud…because that’s what I do. I complain. I whine. And I fuss at my kids for the doing the same. Note to self…stop that. Stop complaining and whining and expecting your children not to do it, too. Ouch.

In reflection, the one thing I want to take away from this week is to strive to have new eyes. Eyes to see the beauty that’s around me EVERY DAY. Not just on a snow day. But every day. It’s there. It’s in me and in you and it’s all around us.

We just have to have eyes to see it. Ears to hear it. Hearts to accept it. Yes, I need a heart to accept it. Not judge myself…or you…or the rest of the world around me. But, a heart to accept what God sees  already covered in snow.

Lord, let me see the snow…long after the snow is melted. Let me feel the joy of anticipation without the weight of worry. Let me even enjoy the aftermath, remembering how fun the snow was while it was here. And let me see it even still.

A penny for your thoughts?

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