Woman to Woman: Put it on.

We began talking last week “Woman to Woman.” We talked about several truths as I see them and some of you had great feedback as to what your own truths looked like.

I feel led to start discussions between women, from a woman, to grow women.

In the end, we are the ones who “get” each other, right? The men in our lives can love us, provide for us, protect us and be an amazing part of our lives…but I’ve yet to have one man in my life that really “gets” being a woman. He’s not. I am.

We have a lot we could and should be teaching one another. A lot we should be doing to build one another up. To grow in community as moms/wives/friends. And as Christian women, we have a call to serve one another in love. To serve our families in love.

My hearts cry is that we as women would start growing together and going together. Growing upwards and going forward.

Our lives are not about me, you, us or them. It’s all about Him. Everything we do and say is meant to glorify the One who gave us eyes to see, lips to speak, hands to mend, feet to go…and hearts to love.

“Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts…” (Col. 3:12)

Let’s start there. We are to put on compassionate hearts.

In the morning I put on my makeup because it’s not already applied. I don’t have tattooed eyeliner…that scares me immensely, but would be very awesome to never have to apply in my lifetime again. And mascara…that takes way too long.


I put on my clothes…because that’s the thing to do. And you thank me for that. And somebody please help me with this closet. Please.


I put on my watch…so I will not be late. Well, that’s the idea anyway.


I put on a false sense of security…because I wouldn’t want you to think I was insecure. Not me.

I put on a smile…even when I may be frowning inside. That’s the polite thing to do. Especially when you ask me how I’m doing. “Fine.” With a smile. Do you really want to know how I’m doing, anyway?

We all put on something everyday. Because it’s not already on us or in us, so we have to put. it. on. 

These words from Paul are telling me that I, as God’s beloved, also have to put on some things to be what I’ve been called and chosen to be. There is a lot to unpack in the reality that we are chosen and beloved, alone. I talked about that in You. Are. Beloved. Yes, You.

An important first step in the process of identifying with other beloveds is realizing you are beloved.

We are instructed to put on a compassionate heart. That implies I don’t already possess one. Ouch. That hurts.

Who wants to think they don’t possess a compassionate heart? I love people. And babies. And animals. I have compassion.

Sorry. No, I really don’t. Not without God giving it to me. Not the kind of compassion He wants me to have. For Him.

Compassion for Him. For His Son. For His people. Now we are getting somewhere.

When I let Christ’s compassion wash over me, I will in turn have compassion to give back to the Giver. And from the overflow of what’s been given me, I will extend a compassionate heart to my sisters. And husband. And children. And all the “less than” that I now “overlook.”

Without a compassionate heart there is no hope for love. Without love there is no hope.

Love is the tie that binds.

Everything else I want to address and talk about with you Woman to Woman stems from having a compassionate heart.

A heart overflowing with love from the Father, for the Father and all the Father’s children. Including our own children. Our own husbands. Our own family. Our sisters. And all those “less than” that we’ve been overlooking for so long. Out of fear. Or disgrace. Or whatever.

Will you go with me towards putting on a compassionate heart? It may take some getting used to. But there is grace for that. God always equips the called. And as His children, we’ve been called to put on a compassionate heart.

As the season of Lent approaches, many people decide to “give up” something to observe what Jesus gave up for us. It’s hard to think we could give up anything that would compare to what he gave up. Perhaps a good start would be what my friend Michele-Lyn Ault suggests, less of me and more of Him. And perhaps a good place to start there would be letting go of the parts of my heart that don’t allow compassion in.

For lent I will strive to let go of my…
jealous heart.
disappointed heart.
ashamed heart.
comparing heart.
self-righteous heart.
unforgiving heart.
slanderous heart.

And I will strive to grasp a compassionate heart.

Compassion drove Jesus to the cross.
Compassion drove Jesus from the grave.
Compassion changed the world.
And it still can. It can change mine. It can change yours.



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I’m also linking this up to Jennifer Dukes Lee and an awesome group who are giving up their own “Love Idols” this lent.

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9 thoughts on “Woman to Woman: Put it on.

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  2. Meredith, I love the look of your blog. It is simple and lovely and showcases your beautiful photography. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    “Without a compassionate heart there is no hope for love. Without love there is no hope.” – Great truth (great sticky statement).

    Putting off all that old stuff in our hearts to make room to put on compassion. Oh, that I would see all that old stuff clearly to get rid of it. Too often it’s hidden in the dark corners and I don’t notice it. Thank you for reminding me that I have so very much to put off that is not meant to be in my heart. And once removed, I must replace it with all those wonderful qualities of my Savior…beginning with compassion.

  3. When you talked about putting on a compassionate heart, I thought of a Bible study I did called “Seeking Him” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It really showed just how sinful we actually are. I think the second lesson was on pride – the rest of the study is a blur. I was left reeling from the conviction of the pride in my life; pride I never knew was even there! Yes, there’s a lot to put on and a lot to take off. Welcome to blogging! Loved this post 🙂

    • Ok, can I just say I love Nancy Leigh DeMoss! I have that study and haven’t done it…yet. She is an awesome “truth teller.” Especially where I need to hear it. Pride is my worst enemy. God is showing me more and more (very recently…like today) how prominent and life sucking it is in me. 😦 Thank God He shows us, though! Thank you for your kind words. And kind visit. Blessings!

  4. You aren’t the only one “new” or “intimidated” by the blogging world. I’m in that boat with you!
    I have to say…this post is full of profound insight. We do need to “grow up – and go forward” together as women.
    And amen, amen on the whole metaphor of putting on Christ…putting on truth, like we put on our clothes.
    I can’t wait until I have my personal blog up and active, because I can’t wait to link up to your Woman to Woman Wednesday posts!
    By the way- call me crazy – but I have been trying to figure out your email address to contact you somehow other than commenting. I just can’t wait to hear your story! 🙂

    • Oh no, Amy! You should be able to click on Contact above and it would send me an email. But I guess it doesn’t actually show it. My email is meredithbernard1@gmail.com. I really want a different site than this…but I don’t want to spend any money. Because I don’t have any money. Because I quit my job. Haha. And I’m having a new site done for my photography business that I lined up before I quit my job and while I still had money. Got that? 😉 Anyway…email me! And yes, you need a blog…today! It’s really easy…go to wordpress.com and get one. 😀 Or better yet, go to BlueHost for hosting and then let them help you. They are super awesome.

      And thank you for your words again this week. I don’t know if this Woman to Woman Wednesday is going to “take-off”…but I’m going to keep plugging along for now. 😉 In grace. And hopefully with more compassion…;)

  5. I’m so glad I clicked on your link today over at Jennifer’s. This is beautiful and really speaks to my heart. Loved this ~> Without a compassionate heart there is no hope for love. Without love there is no hope. Love is the tie that binds.” Such truth. I need to be sure to visit you again. 🙂

    • Aww, thanks, Beth! It’s my first time linking up there and I have just started reading Jennifer’s blog. I’m new to the intimidating, yet exciting blogging world. 😉 I appreciate your kind words and will check out your blog, as well. Blessings!

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